My name is Visata Rupeika.

 I was born in the beautiful little country of Lithuania in Eastern Europe, but Chicago is now my beloved second home. My artistic studies and experience in Lithuania along with my natural creative drive and passion grant me the power to see the beauty in everything. My life was forever changed when I got my very first camera twenty years ago. I can no longer imagine a fulfilling life without it. I have experimented in a wide variety of photographic styles, including portraits, travel, studio, events, wedding, fashion, and even underwater photography. I am always exploring with the unwavering goal of sharing the beauty, grace, strength, and enthusiasm in all people. Photoshop and my undying love of fine art provide me with the tools I need to consistently succeed in this goal. I love spring-boarding creative ideas, so think outside the box and feel free to offer your unique perspectives so we can create something truly amazing.

Besides my passion for photography, I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a dreamer, a graphic designer, a traveler, and a friend. I confidently embark on every adventure in my path with the warm encouragement from those I love and other skilled industry professionals.

Now, I want to explore and create with you, so let’s work together to showcase your own beautiful story!

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